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Morning & Night Routines

What's the big deal about routines?

Here is a common question I’m asked: How do you do it all? Well, of course I don’t do it ALL. But I do get a lot done, and I'm able to keep up with regular things, like managing my home. Things are generally organized and clean and in some version of control. How do I do it? Girlfriend, it’s all about routines.

Routines are pretty flexible, but if you want to be successful, here are the bottom-line rules:


  • You can only pick 3-5 things YOU AREN’T ALREADY DOING
  • Your entire routine can’t last more than 30-60 minutes
  • Perform this routine at approximately the same time every day, in approximately the same order. (You’ll just have to trust me on this. It’s important!)

Any more than 3-5 things AND YOUR ROUTINE WON’T LAST. Trust me. I’ve tried it, I’ve seen others try it, and it doesn’t end well for anyone. Remember my favorite coaching line? Small + Specific = Success. Let’s aim for small victories that last over huge battles that are won and forgotten.

Morning Routines:

What does a morning routine look like? It all depends on what you need to feel ready and in control of your day. Here are some ideas:

  • Get dressed
  • Make your bed
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Do the breakfast dishes
  • Start and fold a load of laundry
  • Pick up high traffic areas (kitchen, family room, bathroom, mud room)
  • Go through mail
  • Check email
  • Vacuum
  • Deep clean something
  • Start dinner (crockpot, marinade meat, etc.)

What helps YOU have an awesome morning?

(Note that we will be spending a full month on personal care routines, including exercise, in the coming months. Add it in to this month if you must, but remember – small + specific = success. Better to routinely do 3 small, new things than to revolutionize your mornings for half a week and then quit everything because you feel overwhelmed.)

Night Routines:

  • Pick up high traffic areas (family room, kitchen, etc.)
  • Pack lunches (if applicable)
  • Load dishes and start dishwasher
  • Close blinds
  • Close the garage, lock the house
  • Charge your devices
  • Lay out clothes for the next day
  • Consider showering the night before so you'll have more time in the morning
  • Brush your teeth, remove your makeup, etc.
  • Pray, meditate, journal, decompress from the day

What is the perfect way for you to end the day and be ready to tackle the world tomorrow?

But what if I'm already doing a Morning and Night Routine?

What if you already have a good handle on most of these things? Still go through the process. Print out the worksheets below and work on each routine. Even my most motivated, organized clients have found tremendous value in looking at their routines under a microscope. You might need to think outside the box. Maybe you are completing home tasks but you are feeling stressed out and having difficulty connecting with your family at bedtime. Maybe your routine needs to include something to calm you down or help you get in the habit of reading to your child or taking a walk with your spouse at night.

Take a personal inventory of what ISN’T working in your life, and use this as an opportunity to fix it.


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    It will answer some of the questions that pop up as you work on the challenge this month.

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    Make a personal appointment with yourself RIGHT NOW to work on this week’s challenge (or if you are joining us partway through the month, begin at this month’s week 1 challenge.) Treat this like your hair appointment. Don't forget about it, schedule over it, or not show up!

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  • Week 1

    Create a morning routine and implement it. Click HERE for a worksheet that helps!

  • Week 2

    Continue practicing your morning routine.

  • Week 3

    Create a night routine and implement it. Click HERE for a worksheet that helps!

  • Week 4

    Continue practicing your Morning AND your Night Routines.

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